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The New World

Silk Road Transportation path used for luxury goods to travel from Asia to Europe
Marco Polo First man to document travels to Asia, but not first to travel there.
Mehmed the Conqueror Once he took Constantinople (renamed Istanbul), cut off trade to East (Ottomans), so overland trade was interrupted
Mongol Empire This group was declining in power, so Western Asia was not safe for trade because of a lack of regulation.
Reasons for new route to East Asia Adventure, trade, money, expansion of religion.
Magnetic compass Tool used for sailing, helped show magnetic fields for direction
Astrolabe Tool used to measure the altitude of the sun
Navigation charts Used by Prince Henry the Navigator to better understand and learn travel
Prince Henry "The Navigator" Portuguese who wanted more accurate maps and wind charts. Explored West coast of Africa
Bartolomeo Diaz Portuguese who rounded the Cape of Good hope in 1488.
Vasco Da Gama Portuguese who traveled across the Indian Ocean into Western India
Pedro Alvarez Cabral Portuguese who was blown across the Atlantic and landed in Brazil, which he claimed for Portugal
Alfonso de Albuquerque Portuguese who seized Malacca at the Malay Peninsula (Malaysia/Thailand) and "spice islands" which helped control the most profitable sea trade.
Factories Portuguese trading stations that helped its government gain wealth. Not colonies,
Reasons for short Portuguese leadership in expansion Their population was too small, not enough money, high competition, lost independence to Spain.
Reasons for Spanish exploration Gold, God, Glory, and land
Christopher Columbus Italian who was one of the first to sail West. Not highly regarded because failed to bring back riches for Spanish king and queen.
Amerigo Vespucci Italian who first discovered that West Indies and Brazil were not part of Eastern Asia.
Hernan Cortez Spanish recognized for conquering the Aztecs
Ferdinand Mallegan Portuguese who is recognized for sailing around the world even though he died before finishing travel.
Iberians (Peninsularis) Spanish colonies' top of society - whites from Spain
Creoles Spanish colonies' second of society - whites from the New World
Natives Spanish colonies' last of society - would eventually be replaced by other land-workers
African slaves Spanish colonies' last of society - took over Amerindians once they died of diseases.
Mestizo Term for white mixed with Amerindian.
Mulatto Term for white mixed with African.
Encomienda system System of work placed upon Natives in which Iberians were in charge
Reasons for Spanish decline in leadership in exploration Spanish crown very wealthy, so were targeted by other nations
Reasons for Dutch exploration Wealth via monopolies, not religion, so Natives get along easier. Create not-very-successful colonies.
Dutch East India Company A joint-stock company that funded exploration for Holland.
Reasons for English dominance 1650s -1945 At first, War of Roses, Church arrangement, etc, gave them slow start, but grew in power (India, North America, Caribbean)
Triangular Trade A system of trade in which Europe sent manufactured goods, Africa sent slaves, and the Americas sent the raw products.
Middle Passage Also known as the slave trade - part of the Triangular trade from Africa to the Americas.
Columbian Exchange The exchange of food, products, animals, goods, tobacco, people, diseases, ideas, religions, etc. between Old and New World.
Ship Hulls The base of the boat which improved
Rigging The ropes and sails of a boat which improved
Caravel Smaller boats used for quicker travel, but with less room to store equipment.
Firearms Used by Portuguese for protection, strength, and power.
Mercantilism An economic policy used 16th-18th century for nations to become as wealthy as possible. Constituted of a favorable trade balance which means more exports than imports to serve Mother Country
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