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Med TErm Ch 7

Dooley's Med Term Ch7

pneumo- lungs/air
sinus/o refera to sinuses
epiglott/o pertaining to epiglottis
bronch/o pertaining to bronchi
alveol/o pertaining to alveoli
trache/o referring to trachea
mucus secreted by mucous membranes; moistens, warms, filters air
mucous refers to the membranes that line the respiratory tract and secrete mucus
cilia tiny nostril hairs that capture debris
tonsils collection oof lymphatic tissue in the pharynx that protects the upper respiratory system
sinuses hollow, mucous membrane lined cavities in the skull that make the skull lighter, give the voices resonance, and produce mucus that drains into the nasal cavity and pharynx
pharynx AKA the throat; three divisions: naso,oro, laryngo
epiglottis cartilage flap that covers the larynx during swallowing to keep food/liguid from entering the respiratory system
larynx AKA voice box; contains the vocal cords that produce sound; located between the pharynx and trachea
thyroid cartilage AKA the Adam's apple; large cartilage that covers and protects the larynx/vocal cords
vocal cords cproduce sound as air passes over and causes them to vibrate
trachea AKA wind pipe; large air tube that extends into the chest, sits anterior to the esophagus;flexible
bronchial tree made up of the bronchi, bronchioles; so called due tht fact that they resemble the branching structure of a tree
bronchi two branches that dvide off the trachea; one goes to left lung, one to right
bronchioles smallest branches of bronchi
alveoli AKA air sacs; tiny grape like clusters of air sacs located at the end of each bronchiole; surrounded by capillaries; site of O2 and CO2 exchange
lung structure that houses the structures of the lower respiratory tract;
lobe division of a lung; right lung has three, left has two
mediastinum space in the midchest that is between the lungs and holds the heart, aorta, esophagus,bronchi and thymus
pleura multilayered membrane that surrounds each lung
diaphragm muscle that separates the chest cavity and the abdominal cavity; contraction and relaxation of this muscle makes breathing possible
phrenic nerve innervates the diaphragm and makes movement of that structure possible
inhalation AKA inspiration; the act of breathing in
exhalation AKA expiration; the act of breathing out
external respiration the exchange of gases between the between the alveoli and the blood
internl respiration the exchange of gases between the cell and the blood
COPD chronic obstructive pulmonary disease
aphonia loss of the ability to produce speech sounds
dysphonia difficulty producing speech sounds; ex: hoarseness, weakness of voice
rhinitis runny nose
allergic rhinitis runny nose due to allergic reaction; AKA hay fever
croup acute respiratory syndrome; causes obstruction of larynx, hoarseness and a barking cough; affects children 5 and under
epistaxis nose bleed
diphtheria acute bacterial infection of the throat and upper respiratory tract; large patches of bacterial growth appear in throat; prevented with childhood vaccination
pertussis AKA whooping cough; acute bacterial URI that presents with uncontrollable cough; prevented through immunization
sinusitis inflammation/infection of sinuses
URI upper respiratory infection
laryngitis inflammtion of larynx; characterized by hoarseness
pharyngitis AKA sore throat; inflammation of the pharynx
pharyngorrhea discharge of mucus from the pharynx
laryngospasm sudden spasm of the larynx that causes closure of the larynx
pneumothorax accumulation of fluid in the pleural space that couses the collapse of a lung
Created by: dgdooley