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The Minoan palace complex on the island of Crete who large number of rooms inspired the legend of the Minotaur in the labyrinth. Knossos
narrow water ways that connect two larger bodies of water, such as the Dardanelles and Bosporus straits
rule by many democracy
rule by a few oligarchy
rule by the landed wealthy aristocracy
wrote 2 famous epic poems used to teach values such as courage and honor Homer
a law-making assembly, usually elected by the people legislature
a unification of city-states against a common enemy alliance
Sparta and its allies who united against Athens Pelopponesian League
Athens and its allies who united against Sparta Delian League
The first Greek civilization located on the island of Crete with evidence of bull worship; named after famous king Minos Minoan
The first Greek state, located on the Pelopponesian Peninsula Mycenae
Greek word meaning courage and honor in battle arete
Wars fought between the coalition Greek army and the Trojans and topic of Homer's epic poem "The Iliad" Trojan Wars
The Dardanelles and Bosporus Straits connect this body of water to the Aegean Se and the Mediterranean. Black Sea
A Greek city-state polis
The name Greeks referred to their homeland as Hellas
What two city-states fought for dominance of Greece in the Peloponnesian Wars from 431 to 404 BC? Athens and Sparta
Who aided Sparta in the Peloponnesian Wars and helped to defeat Athens? The Persians
Athens and Sparta formed a coalition army to defeat what invaders from 499-449 BC? Persians, in the Persian Wars
What type of government evolved in Athens? a limited, direct democracy where citizens directly vote for laws
What type of democracy is the US today? a representative democracy, where people elect representatives to make laws
What leader expanded democracy in Athens to include more people in the democratic process during Athen's Golden Age? Pericles
How did Pericles allow lower classes to participate in the government? paying a stipend
What type of rule existed in Athens where a powerful leader took power by force? tyrant
What famous temple was built to honor Athena? Parthenon
fortified meeting place in the center of the city-state acropolis
Under Athenian democracy, who could participate in the government? citizens only
What happened to overly ambitious people in Athens who were thought to pose a threat to democracy? ostracism
military strategy using a tight formation of shields phalanx
name of Spartan slaves were were not citizens and farmed the land of the wealthy helots
a Greek foot soldier hoplite
Where did the helots originate? invaders to the region enslaved the natives, who became helots, and created Sparta
What is the effect of a mountainous terrain? development of independent, rival city-states, not a unified kingdom
When Mycenae was invaded by the Dorians, Greece entered a period of decline and loss of education and trade...known was? a dark age
In this epic poem by Homer, Helen of Sparta is taken by the prince of Troy; a coalition of Greek armies (Sparta, Mycenae, Ithaca...) invade Troy on the coastline of Asia Minor Iliad
This epic poem by Homer recounts the adventures of the King of Ithaca, Odysseus, as he makes his way home from the Trojan War The Odyssey
What is a representative democracy? a form of democracy where people elect representatives to make decisions, instead of direct participation (USA)
In what battle against the Persians did the Athenian army unexpectedly win, leading to the story of a messenger running 26 miles to Athens to announce victory? Battle of Marathon
In what ways did Ancient Greece influence the US government? juries, innocent until proven guilty, democracy, architecture of government buildings
why did Greeks create colonies around the Mediterranean? limited arable land left the Greeks looking for resources in other areas
What Athenian leader expanded democracy to include more people and led Athens in their Golden Age? Pericles
What Greek contribution started off as a festival to Zeus with footraces? Olympics
What contribution started off as a festival to Dionysus, god of Wine, and included drama and tragedies? theater
Mathematician, inventor and philosopher who was known for his inventions of the water pump screw, levers and pulleys? Also, war machines Archimedes
Who calculated the circumference of the earth accurately? Eratosthenes
What philosopher argued for using logic and examining everything; was later sentenced to death Socrates
student of Socrates who distrusted democracy; recorded what we know about Socrates Plato
student of Plato whose works were used 1500 years later in early European universities Aristotle
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