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Electoral process


Conventions Party meetings at the local state and national levels.
Declare Public step a candidate makes to the nation that they want to be president.
Delegates The candidates who will attend the national convention, the will vote for the candidate the state political party supports.
Nominee Delegates choice for their party and who will run in the nation election.
Campaign Process of gathering public support for a candidate.
Popular vote A tally of all the votes cast.
Electoral college Each state has a group of people called electors who cast the actual votes for president.
Absolute majority More than half the votes.
Political party An organized group of people who share similar political views and work to influence government.
Write-in-candidates A candidate whose name a voter must hand-write on the ballot.
Public policy The stand the government takes about how issues should be handled
Minority Party Political party that does not have a majority of the elected members.
Third Party A political party other than republican or democratic.
Platform set of statements describing a party's views on major issues
Political views A person's ideas about how government should run and how issues should or should not be solved
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