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Word History Chap4&5

Word History Egypt

Pharaoh An Egyptian Ruler
Mummify To Wrap A Dead Body In Strips Of Cloth To Keep Body From Decaying
Obelisk A Tall, Pointed Stone Pillar
Delta An Area Of Fertile Land At The Mouth A River
Silt A Rich Layer Of Sol Left Behind After A Flood
Caravan A Group Of Traders Travailing Together In The Desert
Hieroglyphics A Kind Of Picture Writing In Egypt
Papyrus A Reed From The Nile River Used To Make Paper
Abundant More Than Enough
Cubit A Measurement That Is The Length Of An Arm From The End Of The Finger To The Elbow
Monsoon A Seasonal Wind And Rain
Subcontinent A Large Landmass That Is Smaller Than A Continet
Hinduism The Main Religion Of India
Reincarnation The Rebirth Of The Soul Into A New Body
Cycle The Events That Keep Happening To The Reincarnated Soul
Caste A Class Of People In India
Buddhism Religion In India. Growing Out Of The Teaching Of Siddhartha Gautama
Soul A Persons Spirit
Nirvana A Condition Of Complete Emptiness In Which A Person's Soul Finds Perfect Peace
Enlightement Knowing The All Truth
What Are The Similarities And Differences Of Hinduism And Buddhism The Similarities Of Hinduism And Buddhism Is The Difference Between The 2 Religions Is That Buddism Do Not Believe In The Caste System. Buddha Treated All People The Same
How Did The Nile River Effect Egyptian Life? Please Give 4 Examples The Nile River Effected Egyptian Life By Its Yearly Floods Making The Soil Rich. Farmers Could Grow Many Crops In The Year. Route Good For Trade, Constant Way Of Life So They Don't Have To Be Nomads Anymore
Created by: JayEDM