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Asian Empires

The Persian, Mauryan, Gupta, Qin, and Han Empires

Zoroastrianism The religion of the Persian people.
Asoka The Muaryan emperor who built stone pillars and sent missionaries to China in order to spread Buddhism.
Gupta Empire achievements Created/discovered: zero, that the Earth was round, literature, and procedures to fix broken bones.
The Mandate of Heaven The Chinese belief that a dynasty should continue to rule as long as they're popular and blessed by the gods.
Emperor Qin Shi Huangdi Ruler of the Qin Empire. Influenced by Legalism.
Han Empire Influenced by Confucianism and kept the Mandate of Heaven for hundreds of years.
Confucius Chinese philosopher who believed in respect, education and being polite.
Legalism The Chinese philosophy that taught rulers to use strict punishments in order to control their people.
Religious tolerance The Persians allowed conquered people to keep their religious beliefs.
Silk Road Trade route between China and the rest of the world. Was thriving during the Han Empire.
Imperial bureaucracy Persian rulers appointed ruler to help them govern their empire.
Buddhist missionaries Traveled from India to China and other areas of Eastern Asia.
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