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7-2 Government LIMS

Limited - Unlimited - Enlightenment

Which Enlightenment thinker discussed ideas about the importance of having three branches of government? Charles Montesquieu
Who said everyone is born with natural rights? John Locke
What are natural rights? life, liberty, ownership of property
Which two Enlightenment thinkers said there is a social contract between the people and their government? John Locke and Jean-Jacques Rousseau
Who said people have a right to overthrow bad governments and get new ones? John Locke
What are the three branches of government? executive, legislative, judicial
Whose ideas are about the importance of having checks and balances in government? Charles Montesquieu
He spoke out against slavery and for free speech and religious freedom. Voltaire
What type of government does the U.S. have, limited or unlimited? Limited
His ideas are part of the United States Declaration of Independence John Locke
Monarchs rule along with a constitution in this type of government Constitutional monarchy
Belief that God gives leaders the right to rule Divine right
What is another name for the Enlightenment? Age of Reason
Who said government should express the will of the people? Rousseau
Which document show how a government is organized? Constitution
Who are England's law-makers? Parliament
What are the two parts of Congress? Senate and House of Representatives
Who leads the executive branch of our government? President
Which group leads the legislative branch of our government? Congress
What are some other names for a government with total control? authoritarian, unlimited, dictatorship, absolutist
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