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Chapter 43


The field of microbiology does not include the study of: B. Bacteria
Media is: A nutritional mixture specific to a particular type of bacteria.
Appropriate handling of specimens includes: A. Wearing personal protective equipment (PPE) B. Washing hands often C. Wearing gloves D. All of the above D. All of the above
Which of the following is not an important quality control measure? Updating Occupational Safety and Health Administration manuals periodically
Which fluid is not collected in a sterile specimen container? Stool Specimen
CSF cultures must tested as: STAT specimen
All bacteria remain purple in the staining process if they are Gram-postivite
Dermophytes can cause what type of infections? Fungal
Most fecal specimens being tested for ova or parasitic infections are stored at what temperature? Room temperature
Which organism is responsible for most yeast infections? Candida Albicans
Aerobic Living only in the presence of oxygen
Culture The propagation of microorganisms in a special media conducive to growth
Genus The classification between family and species
Anaerobic Living only in the absence of oxygen
Mycology The science and study of fungi
Dermatophytes A fungal parasite that grows in the skin
Mordant A substance that fixes a stain or dye
Inoculate To place colonies of microorganism onto nutrient media
Nosocomial Infection acquired in a hospital
Expectorate the act of coughing up material from the air passages
Microbiology The scientific study of microorganisms
Morphology The science of structure and form without regard to function
Nematode A class that includes the true roundworm or threadworm
Parasitology The study of parasites
Pathogen A microorganism or substance capable of producing disease
Common nosocomial infections are caused by Staphylococcus
Some bacteria produce__________, which are so resistant that they can live 150,000 years Spores
Septicemia is a blood infections
Bacilli are rod-shaped
Gram-Negative bacteria stain pink
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