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WH. Chapter 10

Industrialization and Nationalism 1800-1870

Capital Money available for investment
Entrepreneur A person who finds new business opportunities in new ways to make profits
Cottage industry A method of production in which tasks are done by individuals in their rural homes
puddling The process in which coke derived from coal is used to burn away impurities in crude iron to produce higher-quality iron
Industrial capitalism An economic system based on industrial production or manufacturing
Socialism A system in which society, usually in the form of government, owns and controls the means of production
Universal male suffrage The right of all males to vote in elections
Multinational empire An empire in which people of many nationalities live
Militarism The reliance on military shrink
Kaiser German for "Cesar"; the title of the emperor's of the second German empire
Plebiscite A popular vote
Emancipation Active setting free
Abolitionism A movement to end slavery
Creole The person of European descent born in Latin America and living there permanently
Peninsulare A person born on the Iberian Peninsula; typically, a Spanish or Portuguese official who resided temporarily in Latin America for political and economic aid and then return to Europe
Mestizo The person of mixed European and native American descent
Caudillo In post-revolutionary Latin America, a strong leader who ruled chiefly by military force, usually with the support of the land as the
Cash crop A crop that is grown for sale rather than personal use
Romanticism An intellectual movement that emerged at the end of the 18th century and reaction to the ideas of the enlightenment; it stresses feelings, emotion, and imagination as a source of knowing
secularization indifference to or rejection of religion or religious consideration
natural selection the principle that some organisms are more adaptable to the environment than others
realism a mid-nineteenth century movement that rejected romanticism and sought to portray lower-and-middle class life as it actually was