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Medieval Europe

Test Review - Medieval Europe Notebook

How did the Roman Empire split? What were the two “halves”? Western Europe and Byzantine Empire (East)
Why was Constantinople the center of the Byzantine Empire? Located at the crossroads of Europe and Asia
What helped support the large population of Constantinople? The river and other close water ways
What did the Byzantine civilization help preserve from the previous Roman Empire? Greek and Roman philosophy
In Western Europe, what caused the decline of trade, the breakdown of the central government and the rise of power in the Roman Catholic Church and lack of learning? Fall of the Roman Empire
What were two immediate results of the fall of the Roman Empire? A period of economic disorder and weak central government
Why did feudalism begin in Western Europe? Protection was needed from Barbarian invasions
What was the main economic activity of the feudal manor? Agriculture
What contributed to the growth of feudalism in Europe? Collapse of a strong central government
Feudalism and the manorial systems eventually led to what type of government in Western Europe? monarch
What did the caste system in India and the feudal system in Europe have in common? A division of society into hereditary social class
What was the primary characteristic of feudal society in medieval Europe? An exchange of land for services
List four effects of the Hundred Years’ War: Changes to the map of France, changes to the power of the kings of France and England, changes to military weapons, contribution to the downfall of feudalism
In what way are Eastern Orthodoxy, Roman Catholicism and Protestantism similar? All branches of Christianity
What religion was the main feature of life in the Byzantine Empire? Eastern Orthodox Christianity
What did the Roman Catholic Church in Western Europe provide the people during the Middle Ages? Sense of stability, unity and order
Which institution served as the main unifying force of medieval Western Europe? The church
What were the Crusades? A holy war to win back the holy land from the Islamic nation
Why did people join the fight? To gain entry into heaven
What was the indirect contribution of the Crusades? Discovery of the New World by stimulating European demand for trade with the East
What was one major result of the Crusades? Spread of Middle Eastern culture and technology to Europe
What is a valid generalization about the impact of the Crusades? Increased trade between Asia and Europe
What is the name of the event in which the Christian Church was weakened due to a controversy in the power of the Pope? The Great Schism
Early trade guilds were promised support if they could not work due to illness or old age. This is similar to what modern day work benefit? Unemployment insurance
What was the result of an increase in commerce and trade during the Middle Ages? Increased growth of towns and cities
What was the result of the invention of windmills during early Middle Ages? Greater productivity in areas without rushing streams for watermills
Where did the plague begin? Coastal areas and spread inland
How did the plague reach Europe? From rats that came over on ships
How much of the population died due to the plague? About half
What is the Weakness-Later emperors became corrupt? Political
$$ Problems - Cost too much to defend such a huge empire plus unemployment led to economic difficulties? Economic
When decline - hired solider were non Roman and had no loyalty toward the Empire Military
"Barbarian" tribes such as the Huns and Goths successfully invaded Rome is called? Invasions
What happened in 285 A. D.? Roman Empire splits in two in order to save it.
What was the name of the two Roman empires that were split? Eastern Roman Empire and Western Roman Empire
What happened in 300 A.D.? Huns and Goth unite and begin invading the Western Roman Empire.
What happened in 330 A. D? Emperor Constantine dedicates a "New Rome" creating the Byzantine Empire (Eastern Roman Empire)
How long did the Constantine dedicates a New Roman ? 1000 years
What happened in 410 A. D.? Sack of Rome by the Visigoth
What happened in 476 A. D? Last Roman Emperor in the west is overthrown
What was the first impact of the Fall of Rome? Architecture, literature, government
What was the second impact of the fall of Rome? Rome Protected and guided Europe and that is gone since there is no protection.
Now that the protection is gone from Rome what does that equal? Constant warfare
What is the third impact of the fall of Rome? Less people are traveling
What is the fourth impact of the fall of Rome? Cities are being abandoned
What is the fifth impact of the fall of Rome? Less people are learning and just trying to survive
Where is the place people go for hope? Church
What is known as the Dark Ages? The period from 500 AD until 1500 AD
What is another name for the Dark Ages? Middle ages and the Medieval Period in Europe
When looking at the Reflection remember ? People are having to move around for protection which leads to feudilism.
What is feudalism? Legal/Social structure of how things are run/political
Manorialsim is? Economy is based on agriculture
Lords is? In charge of Manors/land given to them by a king.
Serfs is? Work for protection/work for the lords.
Chivalry is? Putting ladies first/ being a gentleman with manners
When looking at the Hook picture what do you see? Not a city in rural area
When looking at the Hook picture what might this be? People stay in manors for 100's of years legally bound there.
When looking at the Hook picture where might this be? Manor-lord lives in castle/Knight in castle for protection.
What does self sufficient mean and how can it be applied to this picture? Manors are self sufficient by creating what they need to survive without relying on others.
From Chaos Comes Feudalism means? People fighting and people abandoning Cities (Chaos)
How did the social, political and/or economic system evolve in Medieval Europe? King>Nobles>Knights>Peasants
Created by: spotsville2