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Inflammatory Myopath

Inflammatory Myopathies lecture

What are the different IIMs? Polymyositis (PM), Dermatomyositis(DM), Inclusion body myositis(IBM), Paraneoplastic
What are the common characteristics of IIM? 1)Muscle weakness, 2)evidence of inflammation on muscle biopsy, 3)Responds to immunosuppressive therapy 4) Elevated muscle enzymes in serum 5) Reflexes normal
What were the bohan and peter criteria for diagnosis of PM and DM? 1)Symmetric proximal muscle weakness 2)Muscle biopsy evidence of myositis 3)Increase in serum skeletal muscle enzymes 4) Characteristic Electromyographic pattern 5)Typical rash of dermatomyositis
How do you assess IIM? 1)History 2) Manual muscle strength testing 3) Muscle enzymes 4) Serologies (90% +ANAs) 5)ESR 6)EMG 7)Muscle biopsy 8)MRI
Which muscle enzymes do you check? 1)CPK, 2)Aldolase 3)AST/ALT 4)LDH 5)Myoglobin
What are the clinical features of DM and PM? (I) Painless proximal muscle weakness over 3-6 months
What are the clinical features of DM and PM? (II) 1) Constitutional symptoms 2)Polyarticular arthralgia/arthiritis 3)Dysphagia 4)Dyspnea on exertion 5)Raynaud's phenomenon 6)Vasculitis 7)Malginancy
Describe the general pathology of PM and DM. 1)Inflammatory infiltrate 2)Degnerating and regenerating muscle fibers
Describe the pathology of DM. 1)Perivascular infiltrate of predominantly B cells and CD 14 cless located in a perifasicular or intrafasicular septae 2)Perifasicular atrophy 3)Capillaries stain for complement components
Describe the pathology of PM. Predominantly CD 8 positive surround and invade muscle fibers
What is the name of the DM rashes? 1)Heliotrope 2)V-sign 3)Gottron's papules 4)Nailfold capillary dropout 5)Mechanical hands
What is the difference between IBM and (DM+PM) age of onset? F>M 40-50's vs 50-60's M>F
What are some of the lab featuers and pathology of IBM? CPK<12x normal, EMB consistent with inflammatory myopathy, MNC invading fibers
What is the pulmonary involvement of IIM? Ventilatory muscle weakness, Aspiration pneumonia, ILD
What is the association with malignancy? The risk is increased
Created by: villagejoker