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Immunity RA SLE

Immunity lecture

Symptoms of SLE? Protean: kidney, brain, heart, skin, joints
Triggers of SLE? EBV, retrovirus
What are the autoimmune complexes of SLE? anti-Ro,-La,-Sm,-RNP,-histone,-dsDNA,
Pathology of SLE? Immune comlex mediated inflammation and tissue damage
What are the complications of SLE? Premature atherosclerosis, infection
What are the symptoms of RA? symmetrical pain, swelling, deformities of joints, morning stiffness, nodules
What are the triggers of RA? EBV, smoking
What are the complications of RA? Premature atherosclerosis, vasculititis
What is the trigger of systemic autoimmune disease? Antigen (DNA, Ro, La, SM, RNP, Phospholipid) + Adjuvant = Immune response (innate) -> Adaptive immune response
What are the determinants of SLE? Genes, Environment, Chance
How do they hypothesize that SLE is triggered? Virus -> alpha IFN -> Production of Ro + Innate immune response (increase MHC production on cells) -> Anti-Ro Autoantibodies (Immune complex)
What do the endogenous and exogenous ligands do in SLE? They activate TLR and increase IFN alpha production.
What impact of IFN alpha on dendritic cell maturation and class switiching have on disease SLE? Autoimmunity
What impact does IFN gamma and chemokines as well as the destruction of endothelial progenitors have on the disease (SLE)? inflammation and tissue damage
What are some general approaches to therapy of SLE? Block CD28, CD40 on T cells; Cytokines; TLR, B cell targeting, complement system
Which 2 cytokines are heavy in RA? TNF alpha and IL1
What are some things that you didn't know about TNF in RA? Induces proinflam production, Promotes synoviocyte activation, maintiains inflammatory state in synovial membrane, induces osteoclast differentiation
What is the major costimulation in the adaptive immune system in RA? CD40/CD40L; B7/CD28;
Created by: villagejoker