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Ch. 4-China

What is the name of the largest country in Asia? China
Historians traced human settlement and culture in China in what place? North China Plain
The land is fertile by what yellowish brown soil that comes from the Gobi Desert? loess
Crops that are grown in China are mostly grown on platforms of earth that look like stairs, what are they called? terraces
What is the capital of China that is located on the northern tip of the North China Plain? Beijing
The Huang River has been known to flood so what is built around it to control the flooding? levees or walls
What is the name the Huang River is called when it floods? “China’s Sorrow”
What is mountainous terrain south in China which established the frontier of China’s civilization? Guangxi Zhuangzi
The farmers of Guangxi Zhuangzi developed a two different planting technique on the same field without over using the soil’s nutrients, what is this technique called? double cropping
Guangxi Zhuangzi is also known for what other industry? fishing industry
In China, what is the mountain range that is the highest area in the world known as? The Tibetan Plateau
The people that live in the Tibetan Plateau are known as the what people? Zhuang/Tibetan people
Tibetan Plateau is located in the Himalayas Mountains, this area is also known as the what? “Roof of the World”
Located in the Himalayas Mountains, what is the tallest mountain in the world in this region called? Mount Everest
To the Tibetan people, Mount Everest is known as what ? “Goddess Mother of the World”
What artifacts tells us about China’s first civilization being older than Egypt, Greece, & Mesopotamia? stone tools and pottery
Chinese language was written in what form that represent words? pictographs or pictures
What is the name of the 1st dynasty in China? Shang Dynasty
What are the two items that are remembered in the Shang Dynasty? Bronze & oracle bones
The 2nd Dynasty in China is known as what? The Zhou Dynasty
How long did the Zhou Dynasty lasted in China? About 800 years
What two things were created during the Zhou Dynasty? The Great Wall of China & silk
Why did the Zhou Dynasty ended? Constant war between clans and states
What was the 3rd Dynasty in China? The Qin Dynasty
The first emperor started in the Qin Dynasty, what was his name? Shi Huangdi
Shi Huangdi continued what construction project which he finished in China? The Great Wall of China
Shi Huangdi rule was too harsh on the people and the Chinese revolted against him and ended his dynasty, how long did his reign lasted? 20 years
What dynasty replaced the Qin dynasty, which became the 4th dynasty in China? Han Dynasty
Who became the 5th Emperor of China which led the Han Dynasty? Wu Di
What did Wu Di do to stop what the Qin Dynasty did in the past? Lifted a ban on book started by the Qin Dynasty
Wu Di established what which ran the government with highly scholar representatives? Civil Service
What did each representative had to do to work for the Chinese government? Past the civil service test
During the Han Dynasty, business transactions were not done merchant to merchant in China, what was used to have equal and good trade with no cheating from either side? Middlemen
What 3 inventions were created in China during the Han Dynasty? Invention of paper, ink, and porcelain
In China, who was the famous philosopher that influence the way of living and thinking in China? Confucius
In what province was Confucius born in? Lu Province
In what dynasty was Confucius born in? The Zhou Dynasty
What did Confucius teachings taught the people of China? Moral values to the people
What was the name of Confucius’s teachings? Confucianism
In Confucianism, a ruler is __________________________ to rule the people by the Mandate of Heaven. respected and given authority
If the ruler ruled cruelly or unfair, the people had the right to do what? Overthrow him
What was the belief in the “way” or balance of the universe? Daoism
Who was the founder of “Daoism”? Lao Tzi
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