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Thirty Year War Fact

Omnibus Quiz

1618-1648 30 Year War
1590's The militant Catholic Hanbsburg Archduke Ferdinand stamps out Protestantism is Austria while Duke Maximilian does the same in Bavaria
1609 12 years truce between Spain and United Provinces.
1618 Habsburg Archduke Ferdinand provokes rebellion when he attempts to stamp out Protestantism in Bohemia; the Defenestration of Prague
1619 Alliance forms between Ferdinand II, King Phillip III of Spain, and Duke Maximilian of Bavaria. Bohemians find no other Protestant allies
1620 Habsburg forces crush Bohemians at the Battle of White Mountain
1621-1623 Bavaria completes conquest of Palaatinate; Maximilian resumes Frerick's title as Elector.
1625-1628 King Christian IV of Denmark tries to defend German Protestants, but the larger Catholic armies fight their way to the Baltic Coast and crush all Protestant resistance
1629 Emperor Ferdinand II issues Edict of Restitution, ordering the return to Catholic control of all bishoprics and monasteries secularized since 1552
1630-1632 King Gustavus Adolphus of Sweden invades Germany and fights to Munich before dying in battle
1633 Cardinal Richelieu provides Sweden with massive subsides to keep it in the war, and French troops invade Lorraine
1634 The Imperial & Bavarian armies inflict a crushing defeat on the Swedes and Saxons at the Battle of Nordlingen, Sept 6 1634.
1635 Peace of Prague: greatly weakens terms of Erdict of Restitution to achive reconciliation with the Protestant Elecotrs of Saxony and Brandenburg. The war pits Austria and Spain against France and Swden, but it continues to be fought on German soil
1640 Collapse of Spanish military power as Catalonia and Portugal revolt
1645 Swedes achieve a knockout punch against Imperial army at Battle of Jankov in Bohemia, March 6
1646 Dutch delegation arrives at peace talks, which become truly comprehensive
1648 In the final Peace of Westphalia, everyone gains something as all agree on the need for a balance of power. The Habsburgs drop the Edict of Restitution, and Swedes drop the issue of tolerating Protestants in Austria and Bohemia.
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