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French Revolution

Global 10.02

revolution a very great change from things in the past
rebel n. a person who rises in opposition against a government v. the process of fighting against one’s government
revolt to rise up and fight against the government or other authority
tradition the beliefs and ways of doing things that are passed down from parents to children
tyranny a government in which a single person rules absolutely in a cruel way
taxation the act of requiring people to pay the government
commoner a lower class person
citizen a resident of a town or city, esp. one entitled to civic privileges such as voting
inequality the condition of not being equal or fair
constitution the set of basic laws and principles by which a nation, state, or other organization is governed
republic a political order headed by an elected or chosen official as opposed to a hereditary monarch
discontent a lack of satisfaction
abuse of power misuse of one’s position in power, usually government
dictator ruler with total power over a country, usually gained by force
Created by: Mrs.Ingerick