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Unit 2 Vocabulary

dynasty a family or group that rules for several generations
kandake a powerful female leader in Kush
Torah holy text of Judaism
covenant an agreement or promise
descendant a daughter or son, granddaughter or grandson
sacrifice a gift of an animal for slaughter as a way to honor gods
prophet a person who speaks or interprets for God to other people
Exodus the escape of the Hebrews from Egyptian slavery
Ten Commandments the ten laws said to be given to Moses from God
Sabbath the seventh day of the week to be used for rest and worship
Ark of the Covenant the chest containing the Ten Commandments
David Hebrew King
David established Jerusalem as a holy city
Solomon built the first great temple of Jerusalem
Solomon Hebrew King after his father died
Abraham father of the Hebrews
Abraham made covenant with God to go to the Promised Land
Abraham willing to sacrifice his son for God
Moses Prophet
Moses led Hebrews out of Egyptian slavery
Moses Given the Ten Commandments from God
Judaism a major world religion that was founded by the Hebrews
Jewish beliefs the basis of Judaism, such as the belief in one God, and the importance of following the Ten Commandments
Jewish Diaspora the scattering of the Jewish people to many lands
synagogue a place of Jewish worship
Monotheism the belief that there is only one God
rabbi a religious teacher who studies and teaches about Jewish law
Talmud the collection of ancient Jewish writings that interpret the law of the Torah
equality the Jewish belief that all people who keep the laws are equal in God's eyes
social justice the Jewish belief that everyone should be treated fairly
study the Jewish belief that education and knowledge of the Torah is very important
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