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Wiltja Humanities

The Golden Age of Piracy

Golden Age of Piracy The famous time between the 1650s to 1730s where robbery at sea in the Caribbean was popular.
privateers Lawful pirates made legal by the British government to help stop unlawful pirates.
historians People who study and write about the human past.
conclusion The last paragraph of a piece of writing. The end of something like an essay or report. The end of something.
wealthy Having lots of money and things like houses, cars and nice things; Having wealth.
captain A person in charge of a ship and its crew.
command A rule to follow. To give orders or demands to others. E.g. A captain of a ship gives his crew commands as to what to do and where to go.
captured Something or someone taken and kept.
attacked To take aggressive action against someone or something; Assaulted.
merchant A person who makes money by selling goods
converted Changed to something new or different.
vessel A large boat or ship
revenge The desire to return harm for harm done; Vengeance; Pay back.
broad-shouldered Wide at the shoulders.
wide-brimmed A hat that has a wide part at the bottom which sticks out around it
pistols Handguns
ferocious Of a wild, fierce and savage nature.
appearance The way that someone or something looks.
opponents People who compete against each other in a contest or game.
cargo Goods carried by a large vehicle.
governor A ruler of a British province or state.
citizen A person with certain rights and responsibilities in his or her country or community.
protection A person or thing that shields from danger, pain or discomfort. Money paid to avoid violence or prosecution.
lieutenant A commanding officer in an army.
apparently A word used to say that something seems to be true, although it is not certain.
severed Something cut off; Detached.
bowsprit A thick, strong pole that sticks out the front of a ship
well-known Someone or something many people are aware of or have knowledge of.
literature Any kind of printed materials, such as books, poems, articles, etc
portrayed To depict or describe something or someone in a certain way.
Created by: Mr_M_Morrison