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Acient Egypt

SS quiz

what was the middle kingdom? Golden age pharaohs should be wise and gifted rulers buried in secret places expanded the arts and literature.
What was the new kingdom? The empire pharaohs created an empire through military force the first female pharaoh Egyptians became monotheistic.
Who were pharaohs? Most powerful person in ancient Egypt the pharaoh was the political and religious leader of Egypt.
What did pharaohs do? .owned all the land .made laws .collected taxes .represented the Gods on Earth .built temples for the Gods
Who were the most well known pharaohs of ancient Egypt? The most well known of these pharaohs was king Tut and Ramse the great (same person as Ramse the 2nd)
What is mummification? Bodies of the dead were preserved in spices and salts then wrapped in linen the body was then placed in the sarcophagus (usually made of gold)
What was sacred to the Egyptians? The Egyptians worshiped more than 2000 Gods and Goddess they also believed that animals (especially the cat) were sacred.
Who was king Tut? King Tut came to power when he was only 9 years old he ruled until his death at age 18 king Tut is famous because his tomb was found almost completely intact sparking interest.
Who was Ramse the great? Ramse is most well known for being the longest living pharaoh Ramse also had more monuments built during his reign than any other pharaoh.
Who was Amen-Ra king of the Gods .sun God .falcon head with a sun on the top .sometimes seen as the creater of men.
Who was Osiris? .God of the earth and vegetation .symbolizes the yearly drought and flooding of the nile .king of the afterlife
Who was Horus .Falcon headed .pharaoh of his earthly human form .Son of Osiris.
Created by: 123e
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