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Stack #23321

Ancient Persia facts

modern day country that was the site of the Persian Empire Iran
civilization that was the precursor to the Persian Empire Medes
dates of the Median Empire 728-550 BC
Median king who destroyed Nineveh Cyaxares
Median innovation in writing technology parchment and pen
Median innovation in architecture columns
Median religion Zoroastrianism
luxury loving and weak king who presided over the fall of the Median empire Astyages
Persian king who conquered the Medes Cyrus
dates of Cyrus reign 560-529 BC
honorary title for Cyrus King of Kings
how did Cyrus deal with the people he conquered kindly--he did not destroy cities or religions
When did Cyrus issue a decree to rebuild the temple in Jerusalem? 539 BC
Cyrus' dynasty Achaemenid
dates of the Achaemenid dynasty 560-330 BC
cruel and insane son of Cyrus Cambyses
Persian king who conquered Egypt and tried to conquer Carthage Cambyses
Cambyses follower who reconquered the rebel territories and then became a great administrator Darius I
Persian king who conquered India Darius I
Persian king whose forces were defeated at Marathon Darius I
Persian king during the second Persian War Xerxes
Dates of Darius I's reign 521-486 BC
Dates of Xerxes' reign 486-479 BC
Battle at which Persian forces are delayed by Greek forces under Leonidas I Thermopylae
Site of the battle where Themistocles uses Greek fire ships against the Persian navy Bay of Salamis
Date of the defeat of Persian forces by Alexander the Great 333 BC
title of the governors that ruled the various regions in Persia satraps
Which mode of transportation and communication was first effectively used by the Persians? the horse
Battle at which Darius was defeated in Greece Marathon
two accomplishments in the area of construction that contributed to the unity of the Persian empire roads, a canal
type of deity worship by Medes before monotheism nature deities resembling the Hindu Vedic deities
name of the monotheistic religion followed by Medes and Persians Zoroastrianism
Persian name for the prophet who introduced Zoroastrianism Zarathustra
Zoroastrian deity Ahura-Mazda
another label for Ahura-Mazda Lord of Light
sacred scriptures for Zoroastrianism Avesta
mistaken modern name for the Avesta Zend-Avesta
other ancient scripture resembling the Avesta Rig Veda
Satan figure of Zoroastrianism Ahriman
Persian emperor who accepted Zoroastrianism and banned pagan worship Darius I
in pre-Zoroastrian Persian religion, the sun god Mithra
In pre-Zoroastrian Persia, the goddess of fertility and earth? Anaita
In pre-Zoroastrian worship, the bull god who was raised from the dead Haoma
Name of the empire in Persia after the Seleucids were defeated Parthian Empire
Dates for the Parthian empire 247 BC- 224 AD
major travel-way controlled by the Parthian empire Silk Road
king who established Parthia's power Mithradates the Great
dates for Mithradates the Great 171-138 BC
Roman emperor whose forces weakened Parthia Trajan
forces that ended the Parthian empire Persians of Sassanid dynasty
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