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Unit 1 World Studies

Patterns of Settlement

What settlement pattern is shown by early civilizations that developed in the Fertile Crescent? settled near water
Which turning point came after gathering roots and berries? farming
Which turning point came after farming? creation of irrigation canals
Which turning point came after irrigation canals? surplus of food
Which turning point came after surplus of food? specialization of labor
Which turning point came after specialization of labor? government and laws
What feature of civilization is the many different workers in Ur including brick layers, canal builders, scribes, and priests? specialization of labor
Which feature of civilization is King Hammurabi who ruled Old Babylonia for 42 years? government and laws
The annual inundation of the Nile River that caused sediment and silt deposits to make very fertile soil is which feature of civilization? stable food supply
Sewage and water supply systems were found in major cities of the Fertile Crescent is which feature of civilization? highly developed culture
Priests give daily offerings to the gods in elaborate temples was an example of the development of which feature? religious practices
Hammurabi's code was a strict set of laws are an example of the development of which feature? a legal system
What was the job description of a scribe? use a writing system to record laws, records, etc.
Irrigation led to which turning point that had a significant impact on growing populations in cities and civilizations? surplus of food
What is a human geographic characteristic? describe the people of a place (past and present) and how they modify their environment
What is a physical geographic characteristic? describe the natural environment of a place
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