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Dev of Nations

William of Normandy Conquered England by defeating Harold Godwinson in 1066
Henry II Brought Common Law to England
Eleanor of Aquitaine Mother of Richard and John. Allowed much of France to fall under English control with her marriage to Henry II
Richard the Lionheart Fought in the crusades and created a large national debt for England
King John Forced to sign the Magna Carta by the nobles of England
Magna Carta Signed in 1215, this document limited the power of the king
Edward I He invited the middle class to join the government which created the first Model Parliament
Parliament Made up of the House of Lords and House of Commons
Bicameral Legislation A two house legislature
Louis IX King of France that established the French Supreme Court known as Parlement
Parlement The French Supreme Court
Philip IV King of France that established the Estates General
Estates General The French Tricameral legislative body
Charles VI King of France that signed the Treaty of Troyes that gave control of France to Henry V
Joan of Arc Peasant girl that helped to drive the English out of France
Battle of Hastings The battle fought in 1066 between Harold Godwinson and William of Normandy. Won by William of Normandy.
Charles VII King of France that led the English to capture Joan of Arc
Just Compensation King may not take your land unless he pays you fair market value for it.
Rights of the Accused Parts of the Magna Carta that protect an accused person's right to a fair and speedy trial and, in the case of a conviction, a punishment that fits the crime.
Common Counsel of Nobles Group of Nobles that won the right to control taxation in England in the Magna Carta.
House of Commons The house of Parliament that is elected and represents the middle class. This was added by Edward I as a way to reduce the power of the nobility.
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