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APM100 Final Review

The brain is divided into left and right halves called? left and right hemispheres
A yellowish discoloration of the skin and the whites of the eyes is called? jaundice
Where is the cerebrospinal fluid made? the ventricles
The teeth and tongue begin digestion in a process know as? mastication
The first 10 inches of the small intestine is known as? duodenum
The nervous system is divided into these 2 divisions? the central and the peripheral
Cystitis is inflammation of the? bladder
What is the medical term for blood found in the urine? hematuria
Nocturia means? excessive urination at night
In men the urethra is how long? 7-8 inches
In women how long is the urethra? 1-2 inches
The_________ is the colored, circular structure around the pupil. Iris
Nutrients are absorbed into the blood stream in which part of the digestive system? small intestine
where does the exchange of gases take place in the lungs? alveoli
the heart has several layers and membranes, each with its own specialized function. Which of the following is a membrane sac around the heart? pericardium
Created by: wizardgirl