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6th SS - Chapter 4

Chapter 4: The Indus River Valley

subcontinent A large landmass that is geographically separated from the rest of a continent
Himalaya Mountains Separate the Indian subcontinent from the rest of Asia
citaden A strong fortress
Hinduism The religion of India that grew out of the beliefs of the ancient Aryan peoples; it stresses that one main force connects all of life
Vedas Hindu "Books of Knowledge". They contain the basic beliefs of life and they tell Hindus how they should live.
caste system Organizes all of India's Hindus into hundred of groups and levels
reincarnation The Hindu belief that people move in a continuing circle of birth, death, and rebirth
dharma Hundreds of rules that tell Hindus of each caste how to live
Siddartha Gautama Founder of Buddhism
monk A man who gives up all he owns and gives up all he owns to his religion
karma A force caused by a person's good and bad acts
Four Noble Truths The principles that rule life and promise an end to suffering
Eightfold Path A set of instructions on the proper way to live
Middle Way A way of life that is neither too strict nor too easy
Buddhism A way of life founded in India by Siddhartha Gautama which teaches that the most important thing in life is to reach peace by ending suffering
tribute Taxes
architecture The art and science of designing buildings
How did the hot climate affect farming in the Indus Valley? It allowed farmers to grow two crops a year
What were some of the accomplishments in mathematics and science during the Gupta empire? Invention of zero and writing the numbers 1-9, length of a year is 365 days, Earth is round, and Earth spins on an axis
What about the cities of Mohenjo-Daro and Harappa suggest about the ancient civilizations? They both had nearly the same layout which meant that they both had strong central governments planning these projects
Where do most Hindus live today? India and Pakistan
What does the "Buddha" mean? The "Awakened One"
Created by: MissMisiak