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chapter 11

Byzantine Empire

what kind of Government did the Byzantine Empire have? Autocratic
What is the order of the social class structure? Emperors, Government Officials, Merchants, Farmers and Slaves
Is the social class structure the same ans the jobs? Yes it is the same because it is shown by how important and how many of them there are.
About how long did Justinian rule the Byzantine Empire? Almost 40 years
What places did the Byzantine armies reclaim? North Africa, Italy, and the Southern Iberian Peninsula
What was the Hagia Sophia made of? Gold
What does the Hagia Sophia mean? "Holy Wisdom"
What was Justinian's Most important achievement? the reform of Roman Laws
What differences did the Eastern and the Western Christianity? They had a difference in the interpretation of jesus
Overall how long did the Byzantine Empire/Eastern Roman empire last? Almost 1,000 years
What was the legend of the Slavs and Vikings? The Slavs asked the Viking chief to be their King
What did the state of Kiev eventually grow into? A small state that was ruled by a prince
What caused the Slavs and the Vikings vanish? The Vikings nobles intermarried with their Slavic subjects
Why did the Kievan princess Olga pay a visit to Constantinople? To publicly convert to Christianity
What religions did Vladimir wanted to be observed? Islam, Western Christianity, Judiasm
What religion did Vladimir convert to? Orthodox Christianity
What won the Mongols their brutally ruthless reputation? Savage killings and burnings
Who was the Mongols leader and what was he known as? Genghis Khan and he was known as the most feared warriors of all time
What did the Catholic Bishop write 5 years after the Kiev was conquered by the Mongols? “When we passed through the land, we found lying in the fields countless heads and bones of dead people."
Who was the most powerful prince in Russia? Ivan the first
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