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Chapter 11

Who rebuilt the Hagia Sophia? The Emperor Justinian.
Where did Justinian conquer? All of Rome, and parts of Italy.
How much power did the Emperor's have? They had absolute power.
What were Justinian's greatest accomplishes? He rebuilt the Hagia Sophia, the rebuilt the city of Consantinople, and he redid the Roman laws called Justinian's Code of Laws.
How did the Emperor feel about the church? The Emperor took pride in his church.
Did education matter in the Byzantine Empire? Yes, education matters in the Byzantine Empire.
What did Justinian build? He built churches, schools, baths, aquaducts, law courts and hospitals.
Was trade important and if so where did they trade. It was important and they traded in Africa, Asia and Europe.
What is the hippodrome? It is a place where you could watch free entertainment.
Did the people like the government in the Byzantine Empire? No, they didn't.
Who was the first leader of the Russian Empire? Viking Chief Rurik was the first Russian leader of the Russian Empire.
When did they found Novgorod? They founded it in 862.
What religion did Vladimir change the religion to? He changed it to Christianity.
Who built the first library in Kiev? Yaroslav built to first library in Kiev.
Who made a code for the empire? Yaroslave built the code for the empire.
How many churches were there in the empire by the 12th centruy? In the 12th century, there was about 400.
What was Yaroslav also called? He was also called Yaroslav the Wise.
What error did Yaroslav make? He divided the empire for his sons.
Why did Yaroslav marry his sisters and daughters off to other kings and princes? He married them off so it would be easier to develop a trade route between the 2 places.
Who came up with the great laws? Yaroslav created the great laws.
Who built the first library in Kiev? Yaroslav built the first library in Yaroslav.
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