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Nazi Party 1929-32

History GCSE/Ormerod/ Growth in support for the Nazis 1929-32 #3

Propoganda methodNotes/How it controlled people
The arts Geobbels controlled the arts. Writers, musicians, artists and actors had to join the "Reich Chamber of Culture". Books that Nazis didn't like got banned or even burned. Jazz was banned because it was made by black people. The Nazis were very racist.
Rallies The rallies were held at Nuremberg each year to create a sense of unity and to show the strength of the Nazi Party. Nazis controlled radio stations especially Geobbels. Hitler and other Nazi officials made frequent broadcasts. Radios placed everywhere.
Cinema A 45 minute newsreel was shown before any film started. In those newsreels was only news the Nazis wanted people to know about. Geobbels had to approve whether films got sown in cinema or not.
Sports In 1936 the Olympic games were held in Germany. The Nazis used the Olympics to show the other great nations they were superior by building the largest stadium in the world at that time. Also Germany won 33 gold medals.
Hitler as a figurehead The image of Hitler was presented to people as that he was strong and makes good decisions easily. He wanted the Germans to see him as the father figure.
The Press Journalists had to attend regular briefings. Journalists were told by the Nazi GOV of what they could or couldn't print.
How did the arts help control people in Germany? German citizens were inly shown German art and nothing else from other cultures. For example, Jewish or Black.
How did the German rallies help control people in Germany? The Rallies made Germans excited and they helped them to be proud of Germany.
How did the cinema help control people in Germany? Nazis controlled the News footage that the Germans saw.
How did sport help control people in Germany? Sport made Germans feel better and more powerful than any of the other contenders, especially the Olympic games of 1936.
How did "Hitler as a figurehead" help control people in Germany? Hitler as a figurehead showed that he was the perfect leader and trustworthy.
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