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Nazi Party 1929-32

History GCSE/Ormerod/ Growth in support for the Nazis 1929-32 #2

Reason for support Notes
Hitler's appeal Hitler wanted to unite Germany and restore order. He also wanted to scrap the treaty of Versailles and perswade other nations to treat Germany fairly.
The strength of the SA A stronger private army than the communists had. The SA were used in rallies to make the Nazi party seem strong, organised disciplined and reliable. Voters were also intimidated outside polling stations.
Working-class support The Nazis supported traditional German values. The Nazis also promised "food and bread" on posters. Working class citizens were the largest collection of voters.
Middle-class support Professional people often owned land or had savings. The Great Depression had hurt the middle classes. Many had lost their companies, their savings or their pensions. Moral decline under Weimar Republic.
Farmers Private land would be confiscated if owned by Jews. So Hitler promised to protect the farmers (who were of German blood) from the communist party, which would have taken away their land.
Big business Industrialists saw Hitler as their best hope of protection from the rise of the communists. Also, Nazi finances benefited from wealthy businessmen.
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