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Nazi Party 1929-32

History GCSE/Ormerod/ Growth in support for the Nazis 1929-32 #1

The Great Depression: Key wordNotes
Wall St The value of share prices on Wall Street began to fall.
Shares People rushed to sell their shares.
Banks Banks who had invested in shares suffered huge losses when the share prices dramatically fell.
Recalled loans German and American banks recalled loans they had made to German businesses.
German businesses and factories Many businesses and factories had to close down.
German workers Many German workers lost their jobs because there bosses could not afford to give the workers their wages. Workers also lost their jobs because businesses closed down.
Expensive products Many German people could not afford to buy expensive products, so more factories had to close down.
Homelessness Homeless people were sleeping on the streets or on benches.
Unemployment - Sept 1929 1.3 million unemployed. - Jan 1933 6 million unemployed.
Other political parties People supported other extreme parties, such as the communists.
Tax The Tax went up so the loans could be fully paid off.
Violent clashes People fought on the streets.
Created by: supercars