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Nazi Party 1923-29

History GCSE/Ormerod/ Nazi Party - the lean years 1923-29 #2

Type of Re-organisationNotes
Bamberg Conference 1926 Gregor Stasser and Joseph Geobbells wanted the party to become more socialist in order to appeal to the working classes. Hitler was opposed to this and he called for a party conference. His leadership was confirmed and Geobbells was his best supporter.
The SA Strong young men were encouraged to join the SA. The image of the organisation was changed, by placing the emphasis on disaplin and order rather than violence and intimidation.
Nazi Organisations This was set up to appeal to certain interest groups, including the Nazis Students league, the teachers league and the women's league. The Nazis youth GOV was set up to appeal to the young.
Party Rallies In 1926 the Nazi Party rally was held at Weimar. This began the pattern of military styled parades.
Party Organisations Hitler made his Party more efficient . He created a national HQ in Munich and insisted on the central control of finance and membership.
Agricultural Areas From 1928, the Nazis focused much more on winning support in agricultural areas. This was because of the depression, which had affected farming throughout the 1920's with a further slumb in food prices.
Mein Kampf Hitler's book, Mein Kampf, was Published in 1925 and because of the publicity from Hitler's trials, his book was very popular.
Propoganda Geobbels organised propaganda and used posters. He used Nazi newspapers/anti jewish message appealed to the working class. Nazis ran evening classes to train their members in public speaking skills.
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