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Nazi Party 1920-22

History GCSE/Ormerod/ Early development of the Nazi Party 1920-22 #1

Hitler's early career: YearEvent
1889 Hitler was born in Braunau near the German boarder.
1903 His dad Alois died when he was 14 years old.
1905 When he was 16 years old he failed all of his exams.
1906 His mum died from breast cancer.
1907 He went to Vienna and tries to pass the entrance exams for the art academy that was there. He failed those exams twice and went shortly after, he ended up in a hostel.
1913 Hitler went to Munich to avoid army service in Austria.
1914 Hitler decided to be a soldier.
1918 He went to hospital because is side was gased in a gas attack.
1919 He joined a small political group called the "German Workers Party". This party was later known as the Nazi Party.
Created by: supercars