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What did Mesopotamian, Egyptian, and Indian peoples rely for crops to grow in their land? The floods to spread silt to the land.
Why were areas like Mesopotamia and the Indus Valley able to support growth of an early civilization? They were located near major rivers (Tigris and Euphrates) & (Indus & Ganges, Bratraputha)
Who was the invading tribe that brought Hinduism and Sanskrit writing to the people of India? Aryans/Aryan tribes
How did India’s seasonal pattern contribute to the rise of the Indus Valley civilization? Rainfall from the wet monsoon season caused rivers to flood, which deposited fertile soil (silt) on the plains, which helped farming.
The Hindu caste system was used in India to marry couples, who would be the best match for the daughter of someone who sold rugs? A Merchant or Landowner
What major natural barrier was between the subcontinent of India and the rest of Asia that kept India separated from China? Himalayan Mountains
What contributed to the advancement of the Sanskrit language in ancient India? Invaders (Aryan tribes) brought the Sanskrit language to India
Which river source developed the early civilization in Egypt? Nile River
What religious similarity or same customs were between the Mesopotamians and Egyptians? They both worshipped many gods
What two rivers helped developed the early Sumerian civilization in Mesopotamia? Tigris or Euphrates Rivers.
Why did the Mesopotamians, Egyptians, and Indians relied on floods from the monsson rains? For a good harvest
What was the factor that caused people in ancient Egypt to migrate and settle in the Nile River Valley? The fertile lands to farm their crops
Who held political power in ancient city civilizations? The kings
In ancient Egypt, why did settlements grow into cities in the area of Lower Egypt? In the delta trade routes to neighboring communities
Where was the first organized system of government developed in the ancient world? Mesopotamia
Which agricultural techniques were the most important to early farmers? irrigation for their crops
What made it possible for the Code of Hammurabi to be followed throughout Babylonia? The laws were written down in all Babylonia to see
What is the most notable thing about the Egyptian Queen Hatshepsut? She was the only female pharaoh in Egyptian history.
How did Egyptian pharaohs justify the power that they claimed to the people in Egypt? Pharaohs were believed to be part god
Which of these best describes the condition of Egypt under Rameses the Great? Prosperous by war and having new buildings and temple made
Which of the following ideas was introduced by the Code of Hammurabi? It was fair treatment under the law for widows and children
As early as 2000 B.C., Egyptian pharaohs sent ships to buy or take what items from Kush (Nubia)? Egyptians bought cattle and gold from Kush (Nubia)
Why did Egypt increase long-distance trade during Hatshepsut's rule as pharaoh? Egypt increase in national power and wealth
What resulted from the development of Egyptian writing? Egyptians wrote dated records
Why did Nubians(Kush) & Egyptians worship some of the same gods? Nubia & Egypt exchanged certain practices when Egypt ruled Nubia
Ancient Egyptian hieroglyphics could not be read until what was discovered in Egypt? Rosette Stone
What quality gave the pharaoh supreme authority in Egypt? He was believed to be a half-god (Horus)
Serving now as a tourist's attraction, what was the purpose of the pyramids? They were tombs for the pharaohs
What did the Egyptian used for writing material in Egypt? Papyrus
How did the growth of Egyptian cities affect the class system? More people became skilled artisan or craft-mans, instead of farmers
What is known as large region separated by water from other lands, India is known for it? subcontinent
What season is when the rains come during the months of June, July, August, and September that cause the rivers to over flow? The monsoon season
What type of farming is when people of India own grow enough food for themselves and their families? subsistence farming
What is the process in which a person goes from one life to the next life after they die? reincarnation
What is the lifelong social group into which a person is born into and can only marry into their group only? caste
What is known as the worship of many "gods" which Mesopotamia, Egypt, and India all share in common? polytheism
What is the 3 river sources of India? The Indus, The Ganges, & The Bramaputra
What are the 3 "gods" of India that make up the "god" Brahman? Brahma, Shiva, & Vishnu
What is the tallest and largest mountain in the Himalaya Mountain Range? Mount Everest
What percent of people practice the religion of Hinduism in India? 81%
What does every civilization need in order to grow and survive? A water source or nearby river
W/hat does Pharaoh mean? It means "Great House"
What is the name of the Mesopotamian written language? cuneiform
What is the name of the Egyptian written language? Hieroglyphics
How many cataracts or waterfalls are in the Nile River? 6 cataracts or waterfalls
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