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World Test Review

Medieval Asia

What major religions would be most similar to Islam ? Why? Judaism and Christianity because the both are monotheistic, Islam's God is called Allah
What are the 5 Pillars of Islam Shahad/Faith- Koran Salat/ prayer (5x a day) Zakat/Almas (charity- help the poor Sawm/fasting (not eat from sunup to sundown Hajj/pilgrimage (travel to Mecca)
What type of geographic locations did the Islamic Empire settle in? lived in desert and( adapted to desert climates)
What is Mathematics in Islam Algebra (2x+4=10)
What is Astronomy in Islam Navigation to help locate Mecca for prayer
What is Medical Science in Islam developed medical science before the Western World
What is Architecture in Islam mosques and minarets
What was the significance of opening up trade from Arabia to Northern Africa The trade between these 2 areas helped spread the Islamic religion Africa trade routes traded with Asia became more important than with Europe traded Gold and Salt
what was the Yuan Dynasty Increased trade and travel
What was the extent of lands conquered by the Mongols They became one of the largest empires by spreading across Eurasia
How did the development of stirrups add to the military skills and strength of the Mongols led to the rise of the Mongol Empire The Mongols had elite military skills The Mongols- developed a tribute system, traded along silk road and created an empire from East Europe to Pacific coast of Asia
What is the importance of Jerusalem to Islam? Jerusalem became the Holy City
Why did the Islamic Empire settle in the desert? Dense vegetation prevented Islamic conquest in the Sub Sahara Africa
What is Philaophy Has many Islamic governments with cultural diversity
What is Caliph Relative of Muhammad. The religious leader of Islam
What is Caliphate Where the caliph stays
In the early Islamic Culture how were Jews and Christians treated by Muslims? a few more questions on Medieval China will be added after the lessons is completed.
Created by: spotsville2