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WH1 SOL 5 Set 2


Alexander the Great King of Macedonia; conqueror of the Greek city-states and the Persian Empire from Asia Manor and Egypt to India
Archimedes Scientist; mechanical principles
Aristorcracy government ruled by the rich; nobles
Aristotle Philosopher; Plato's student; tutor of Alexander the Great
Commerce Trade
Democracy Government where each person has the right to participate
Drama Serious play written for performance of stage
Euclid mathematician; theorems (deep math rules)
Hellenism the blending of Greek and Persian culture
Hippocrates Physician; Hippocratic Oath for doctors
Monarchy Government that is ruled by a king or queen with absolute power
Oriential Referring to the people from eastern Aisa (China, Japan, etc,)
Pericles Great orator and general who led Athen's Golden Age (after the Persian Wars)
Philosophy Deep thought about the basic concepts of truth, existence, reality, and freedom
Plato Philosopher; follower of Socrates; wrote "The Republic" (who should rules)
Pythagoras Mathmatician, Pythagorean Theorem (deep math rules)
Socrates Philosopher; teacher
Tyranny Oppressive government by one or more people who exercise absolute power cruelly and unjustly
Delian League Formed by Greek cities to rebel further attacks from Persia; led by Athens
Peloponneisan League Formed by Sparta to rebel attacks
Created by: MMS 8th