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Med. Term. by JM

Jessica Mautner

Adenomatumor of the gland
Arthritis inflammation of the joint
Carcinoma tumor of cancer(cancerous tumor)
Cardiology the study of the heart
Cephalic pertaining to the head
Cerebral pertaining to the brain/cerebrum
Endocrinologist one who studies the secrete
Cystoscopy process of visual examination of the bladder
Cytogen to produce cell
Dermatosis condition of the skin/abnormal condition of the skin
Gynecologist one who studies woman
Hematology the study of the blood
Hepatitis inflammation of the liver
Leukemia condition of white blood
Nephritis inflammation of the kidney
Renal pertaining to the kidney
Neurosis condition of the nerves/abnormal condition of the nerves
Oncology the study of tumor
Opthalmic pertaining to the eye
Osteomalacia softening of the bone
Pathologist specialist on the disease/one who studies the disease
Rhinitis inflammtion of the nose
Section the act of cutting
Thrombocyte clot cell
Gastrotomy the process of cutting the stomach
Urologist one who studies the urine/specialist on the urine
Cardiac pertaining to the heart
Neural pertaining to the nerves
Pediatric pertaining to the children
Hematocrit to seperate the blood
Tonsilectomy the process of removing the tonsil/removal of tonsil
Uremia condition of urine in the blood
Diagnosis state of complete knowledge
Arthralgia condition of joint pain
Cardiogram record of the heart
Autopsy process of viewing (one's) self
Erythrocytosis abnormal condition of the red cell
Gastroscopy the process of viewing the stomach
Gastrotomy the process of cutting the stomach
Anemia condition of no blood
Analysis to break down
Antecardial pertaining to before the heart
Antibiotic pertaining to against the life
Blephoma tumor of the eyelid
Bradycardia condition of slow heart
Contraindication use against/against use
Dysmenorrhea painful menus discharge(flow)
Epigastric pertaining to above the stomach
Ectoderm outside the skin/skin outside
Hyperemia condition of excessive blood
Hypogastic pertaing to below the stomach
Sublingual under the tongue
Panhysterectomy the removal of all the uterus
Parathyroid near the thyroid
Pericarditis inflammation surrounding the heart
Polyuria condition of too much urine
Pyuremia condition of pus and urine in the blood
Resection the act of cutting back
Retrogastric pertaining to behide the stomach
Tachycardia condition of fast heart
Transdermal pertaining to acroos the skin
Synergy the process of working together
Amenorrhea without menus discharge(flow)/discharge without menous
Dermatology the study of the skin
Leukocyte white cell
Cystitis inflammation of the bladder
Hypodermic pertaining to under the skin
Opthalmologist one who studies the eyes/specialist in th eyes/eyes specialist
Created by: tito