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Stack #232178

Phlebotomy Chap 14 Study Questions Pg523-524

Peripherals on a computer include all of the following EXCEPT a*Bar code reader b*Scannerc*Modem d*CPU D* CPU
Logging on to most computer systems requires the use of a/an? a*Accession number b*Bar code reader c*Modem d*password D*password
After arriving in the laboratory, all specimens are immediately a*centrifued to stop glycolysis b*Logged or accessioned c*Refrigerated until delivered to the appropriate department d*Uploaded to an instrument of analysis. B*Logged or accessioned
All of the following are found on a lab-generated computer label EXCEPT? a*Accession number b*Department for testing c*Patient identification d*patient diagnosiS D*patient diagnosiS
Bar coding in health care is used for all of the following EXCEPT? a*Bidirectional interfacing b*Drug administration c*labeling and supply inventory d*physical location of patient A*Bidirectional interfacing
Which of the following specimens should be protected from light? a*BUN b*CBC c*Bilirubin d*Glucose C*Bilirubin
the machine used to sperate the serum or plasma from blood cells in the sample is called a/an? a*Autolet b*centrifuge c*Glucometer d*hemostat B*Centrifuge
After obtaining a specimen for a cold agglutinin test, the blood must be transported? a*As "stat" b*Away from light c*In ice slurry d*At body temperature D*At body temperature
All of the following are required personal protective equipment when processing specimens EXCEPT? a*A chin length shield b* a fully closed, fluid resistant lab coat c*Fluid resistant shoe cover d*Disposable gloves C*Fluid resistant shoe cover
Which of the following blood specimens should be transported in an ice slurry? a* BUN and creatinine b*Cold agglutinin and bilirubin c*Glucose and electrolytes d*Homocysteine and rennin D*Homocysteine and rennin
Perspiration contamination can falsely elevate? a*Amylase b*Calcium c*chloride d*magnesium C*chlorid
Which of the following specimens would most likely be accepted for testing? a*CBC collected in a lavender top tube b*Potassium specimen that is hemolysed c*Protime specimen in a partially filled tube d* Specimen lackind an identification label. A*CBC collected in a lavender top tube
According to CLSI guideline, serum for most tests should be removed from the cells within? a* 30 min b* 60 min c*90 min d*120 min D*120 min
Which of the following specimens can be centrifuged immediately? a* Bilirubin collected in a red top tube b*CBC collected in a lavender top c*Creatinine collected in a SST d*Electrolytes called in a PST D*Electrolytes called in a PST
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