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Terminology Final 2

Terminology Final Review 2

condyle condyl/o
conjunctiva conjunctiv/o
constriction -stenosis
contraction -stalsis
control -stasis
coordination tax/o, -taxia
cornea corne/o, kerat/o
corner of eye canth/o
cortex cortic/o
cranium crani/o, skull
crooked scoli/o, ankyl/o
cross cruci/o
crushing -tripsy
cul-de-sac culd/o
curve lord/o
cut tom/o, -cise
cutting -cision
cycle cycl/o
dark phe/o
darkness scot/o
dawn eosin/o
dead necr/o
death necr/o
decrease -penia, hypo-
deficiency isch/o
deficiency of -penia
deficient hypo-
destroy -lyptic
destruction of -lysis
development -trophy, -plasia
diaphragm phren/o
different hetero-
different from the normal allo-
difficult dys-
digestion -pepsia, peps/o
digits dactyl/o
dilated vein varic/o
dilation -ectasis
dim ambly/o
discharge -rrhagia, rrhea
discharge from -rrhea
disease path/o, -pathy
displacement -ectopia
dissimilar aniso-, anis/o
double di-, dipl-. dipl/o
down cata-, kata-, kath-
downward displacement -ptosis
drive away -fuge
drooping -ptosis
drug pharmaceutic/o, chem/o
dry ichthy/o, xer/o
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Created by: sumer61