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Giattino - U3-3


Interderpendence When two or more countries depend on each other economically
Movement of People and Goods Major trade centers and trade routes
Zheng He Chinese admiral. Goal was to promote Chinese trade and to collect tribute from less powerful lands. Travelled through Southeast Asia, coast of India, around Arabian Peninsula, and to the port cities of East Africa
Mogadishu and Great Zimbabwe trade across the Indian Ocean. European ships on their way often stopped at East African coastal cities.
Silk Road Trade routes that linked Asia with the Middle East, North Africa, and Europe.
Impact of the Crusades on Trade Increased European interest in the east. Returning Crusaders brought back goods. Ships could now be used for trade.
Italian City States Venice, Genoa, and Florence had grown rich and powerful. Traders took the goods throughout Europe, as far as England.
Growth of Cities Trade within Europe happened at trade fairs. Took place in towns where trade routes met, often on navigable rivers Many traders settled in those areas, as did craftsmen and merchants Population of towns increased. Some developed into large cities.
The Hanseatic League In Northern Germany, traders and merchants began to join together in the 1100’s. Monopolized trade in the Baltic and North Seas. Worked to make navigation safer by controlling piracy, building lighthouses and training sailors.
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