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Test Retake Everything Else

What did the daimyo do? take power
daimyo vs daimyo leads to civil disorder
Odo Nobunaga defeats all rivals
Odo Nobunaga seizes the capital
Odo Nobunaga first to use guns in Japan
Odo Nobunaga could not unify Japan
Toyotomi Hideyoshi continues Nubunaga's plan to unify Japan
Who actually unified Japan? Tokugawa in 1600
Tokugawa battle of Sekigahara
Tokugawa becomes sole shogun
Tokugawa moves capital to Edo
Modern day Edo? Tokyo
Tokugawa hostage system
How long did Tokugawa last? ended 1867 (267 years)
Tokugawa quote to son "take care of his people and strive to be virtuous"
Tokugawa influence to future leaders most leaders followed this advice ("take care of his people and strive to be virtuous") and stability was brought to Japan
What happened in the mid 1700's? Japan moved from rural society to Urban
How did Japan challenge the traditions? New styles of art
How did Japan challenge the traditions? New styles of drama
How did Japan challenge the traditions? New styles of literature
Kabuki theatre with elaborate costumes and used music, dances, and mime to examine modern life (no women)
Haiku new poetry that does not express ideas but rather projects images
Foreign reaction Portuguese, at first welcomed by the Japanese, they brought technology and trade
What did Franciscans, Jesuits, and Dominicans do Franciscans Jesuits Dominicans begin converting Japanese people
After converting what did the missionaries do scorned traditional Japanese values and cultures
Shoguns repress Christianity
Shoguns later ban Christianity
closed country policy keeps Europeans out of Japan for a long time
Nagasaki only port foreigners were allowed to trade
How long does Japan stay closed (closed country policy) until early 20th
Created by: rachiekatherine