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Test Retake Vocab

shogun(ate) ruler
daimyo head of noble family
emperor ruler with no military power
rural county
urban city
Basho most well known writer, wrote hocus
Zen Buddhism become yourself with nature
samurai warriors who were trained to fight and die, either win or die.
Francis Xavier converted 300,000 people to _____ by 1600
Confucius you are supposed to know this!
Feudalism political system in which noble or lords are granted use of lands that belong to king. In return, the noble owe loyalty and military service to the king and protection to the people of estate
Odo Nobunaga defeats all rivals and seizes the capital in 1568
Alternative Attendance Policy (hostage system) the Daimyo had to spend every other year in the Capital city - and leave their families there when they return to their lands
Woodblock paintings showed sophisticated city life
Created by: rachiekatherine