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hinduism & buddhism

Subcontinent a large landmass that forms a distinct part of a continent
Indus & Ganges Rivers in India
Monsoons seasonal winds
Harrappan civilization another name for the Indus valley civilization
Indo-Europeans a group of seminomadic group of peoples
Language families Indo europeans
hitites an indo european who settled in anatolia
Anatolia the southwest Asian peninsula now occupied by Asia minor
Aryans took control
caste social classes into which you are born and can not change
Mahabharata a great indian epic poem
Vedas sacred text
Hinduism collection of religious beliefs
Karma actions of a person's life that affects reincarnation
Reincarnation souls being reborn into another form
Moksha peace and enlightenment
Siddhartha Guetama Buddha. He sought to eliminate suffering and devoting his life and devoted
Four Noble Truths life is full of suffering suffering is caused by desire eliminate suffering by eliminate desire eliminate desire by following the eight fold path
Enlightenment achievement with wonness with the universe
Middleway the right view speech action intentions livelihood effort mindfulness concentration
Nirvana reaching ultimate enlightenment
Patriachal social system in which the father is head in the family
Matriarchal the female is head of the family
Mahayana(Old) later of the two great schools of buddhism
Therevada(New) hiyanist name for hinayana
Brahma The creator
Vishnu the preserver
Shiva the destroyer
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