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Medisoft Ch. 1

Medisoft Chapter 1 Review

What does health information technology refer to? computer hardware, software, and networks that record, store, and manage patient healthcare information.
What can a practice management program do? facilitate the day-to-day financial operations of a medical practice.
What is an electronic medical record? A Computerized record of one physician's encounters with a patient over time.
What is an electronic health record? A computerized lifelong healthcare record for an individual.
What is a personal health record? private, secure electronic files that are created, maintained, and owned by the patient.
What is electronic prescribing? The use of computers and handheld devices to transmit prescriptions to pharmacies in digital format.
What is on a patient information form? Personal, employment and medical insurance data.
What is coding? The process of translating a description of a diagnosis or procedure into a standardized code.
What does ICD refer to? The International Classification of Diseases.
What does CPT refer to? Current Procedural Terminology
What is an encounter form? A list of the procedures and diagnoses for a patient's visit.
What is an encounter form also known as? superbill
Each charge or fee on a fee schedule is related to? A specific procedure code.
What is a clearinghouse? A company that receives electronic claims from medical practices and forwards the claims to the appropriate health plans.
What is adjudication? A series of steps that determine whether a claim should be paid.
What does remittance advice contain? The amount that has been paid on each claim as well as the reasons for nonpayment or partial payment.
What was the HIPAA legislation designed to do? ensure portability of insurance coverage, increase accountability, decrease fraud, improve efficiency of transactions, mandate standards for information, and ensure security and privacy of health information.
What is electronic data interchange (EDI)? The exchange of routine business transactions from one computer to another using publicly available communications protocols.
What HIPAA-standard electronic claim format is used by most physician practices? X12 837 Health Care Claim (837P)
What are the three categories of the HIPAA security standards? confidentiality, integrity, and availability of health information.
What is the HITECH act? a part of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 that provides financial incentives to physicians and hospitals to adopt EHRs and strengthens HIPAA privacy and security regulations.
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