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Page 3

HS hour of sleep or at bedtime
HSV herpes simplex virus
ht height
HX history
ICU intensive care unit
ID intradermal
I & D incision and drainage
IDDM insulin dependent diabetes mellitus
IM intramuscular
inj injection
I & O intake and output
iss 1 1/2
IUD intrauterine device
IV intravenous pyelogram
IVPB intravenous piggyback
JVD jugular vein distention
K potassium
KCl potassium chloride
kg kilogram
KUB kidneys, ureters, bladder
KVO keep vein open
L liter
lap laparotomy
lat lateral
lb pound
L & D labor and delivery
LLE left lower extremity
LLL left lower lobe
LLQ left lower quadrant
LOC level of consciousness or loss of consciousness
LP lumbar puncture
LR lactated ringers
LUE left upper extremity
LUQ left upper quadrant
m minim
mcg microgram
mEq milliequivalent
mg milligram
MI myocardial infarction
ml milliliter
mm millimeter
MOM milk of magnesia
MRI magnetic resonance imaging
MVA motor vehicle accident
N & V nausea and vomiting
Na sodium
NaCl sodium chloride
ng nasogastric
noc night
Created by: Becky Hartzell