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Random Questions

what are neutrophils pathogenic cells. they engulf and digest bateria
septicemia systemic infection associated with the presence of a pathogenic organism introduced during a venipuncture
informed consent giving the patient adequate info concerning the method, risk, and consequences to a specific procedure.
petechia tiny non raised red spots. ruptured capillaries to due tourniquet being left on too long
if a patient is on an asprin regime, what would be most affected clotting time
what is the proper way to identify a patient asking for name and date of birth, double check id band
fibrinogen the protein from which fibrin I s formed in normal blood clotting
what is the most important thing to remember when creating a blood smear thin feathered edge
Leukocytes White blood cells, protection against infection
main difference between arterial and venous blood ABG are oxygenated VBG are deoxygenated
Thrombophlebitis inflammation of a vein with formation of a clot
serum clear liquid portion of blood that separate out after clotting has taken place
nosocomial healthcare setting acquired infection
NPO nothing by mouth
which tube are lead levels drawn in royal blue
ABGs look for oxygen, carbon dioxide, bicarbonate content, blood ph
capillary samples are collected normally from which part of the body middle or ring finger
hyperglycemia abnormally high blood sugar levels
healthcare workers are required to vaccinate for what virus HBV
airborne precautions are designed to do what reduce the risk of airborne transmission of infectious agents
scleroses veins are hard and cord like
hematocrit measures __ in a given vol of whole blood rbc
what is the difference between plasma and serum plasma is the cellular components suspended, serum is the clear liquid that separates after clotting as taken place
what tubes contain an anticoagulant lav, green, blue, lt blue, and grey
what do basophils carry histamine to help control allergies
what are the additives in the mint green tube sodium heparin, lithium heparin, and ammonium ion
a person may donate how much blood in one sitting 500 mL
what tube is used for reticulocyte count lavender
cynotic bluish skin due to lack of O2 (oxygen)
light sensitive specimens are bilirubin, beta-carotene, vitamins A and B6
hemoglobin carry oxygen in RBCs
what tube contains an antiglycolytic agent grey
where is heparin formed liver
how many types of WBCs are in the human blood 5
45% of blood is what formed cellular elements
sodium fluoride keeps glucose molecules in tact for 3 days
silica (glass particles) are in what tube tiger top
lipemic serum/plasma is milky in appearance
hemturia blood in urine
55% of blood is plasma
hypoglycemia abnormally low blood sugar level
how long does it take blood to circulate the body 1 minute
how does it take to replenish 500mL of blood loss 6-8 weeks
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