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7th SS - Chapter 8

Chapter 8: Mexico

What is a sinkhole? Steep sided depression formed when the roof of a cave collapses.
What is a conquistadors? Spanish word for conquer.
What is Chinampas? The name the Aztecs gave to raised fields in where they grew crops.
What is a(n) Epidemic? Widespread disease.
What is an empire? System of which a central power controls a number of territories.
Who are the Mestizos? European and native American ancestry.
Who are the Mulattoes? European and African ancestry.
What are mission? Spanish catholic church outposts.
What is ejidos? Land that the natives worked on together.
What is haciendas? Huge expansions of farm land granted by Spanish monarchs.
What is inflation? The rise of prices that occurs when currency loses its buying power.
What are cash crops? Crops produced primarily to sell rather then to eat.
What is smog? A mixture of smoke, fog, and chemicals.
What are maquiladoras? Foreign-owned factories.
What is slash-and-burn agriculture? A(n) area of forests that is burned to clear for planting.
What is the Rio Bravo? A river that forms the Mexico-Texas border.
What is Mexico City? Mexico's most developed and crowded region.
Mexico has a coast along what ocean? Pacific Ocean
What is the Rio Bravo known as in the United States? Rio Grande River
What underlies much of the Yucatan Peninsula? Limestone
Who lived along the Gulf of Mexico around 1500 BC? The Olmec people
What is one of Mexico's economic problems? Inflation
How many states does Mexico have? 31
What is Mexico's most prosperous and modern region? The Northern Region
What type of agriculture do Yucatan farmers practice? Slash-and-burn agriculture
What is NAFTA? An trade agreement between Mexico, the United States, and Canada
The Gulf of Mexico and the Pacific Ocean are separated by what land mass? Baja California
What is the capital of Mexico? Mexico City
What group practiced human sacrifices? the Aztec people
In what year did the Mexican Revolution begin? 1910
89% of the Mexican population belongs to what religion? Roman Catholic
What Marian apparition converted the Native Mexican peoples in 1531? Our Lady of Guadalupe
The poorest region in Mexico is what region? Southern Mexico
Created by: MissMisiak