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chapter 14 wh

world history chapter 14

1066 battle of hastings
1095 1st crusade
1215 magna carta
1347 Bubonic plague
1429 joan of arcs
1453 100 year war
Gothic architecture thrust upwards, huge stained glass windows,500 were made between 1170 and 1270
crusade holy war
Romanesque architecture big bulky, large churches with large round pillars from 800 to 1100 A.D
what were three main causes of the need to reform the church? priests were marrying,bishops sold positions in the church, lay investitures let the king appoint the bishops.
which was the only successful crusade? first crusade
who was the Muslim leader? saladin
who led the crusaders to Jerusalem? Richard the lion hearted
Reconquista Christians tried to get Muslims out of Spain.
Inquisition Harrasy ,going against church,witch
1st crusade 1096-1099 ,Christians tried to win Jerusalem,they won.pope urbanll
2nd crusade Counterattack the Muslims trid to get Jerusalem back in 1147-1149..they won
3rd crusade Christians tried to get Jerusalem back... Ended in tie ...Christians were aloud to visit unarmed 1189-1191
4th crusade Tried to get Jerusalem back again faield ... Constinople and west Rome split.1202-1204
Dominic Dominican priest who founded the Dominicans .. Many were scholars.
Francis of assisi Founded the Franciscans
Three field system 3 fields instead of 2.. Food production increased...population increased..
Guilds People working to improve economic and social conditions.
What was the magna carta
King john signed the magna car a in 1215 stating the rights of the people.
Joan of arc French leader,age 13 she heard god speaking to her, burned her at Tue stake they thought she was a witch ...
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