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Ben Kean lecture 1

What is a trophozoite? A motile stage that normally reproduces asexually
What is a cyst? A non-motile more resistant stage
What is a sporozoite? An infective stage produced in a oocyte
What are the principle malaria species? Plasmodium, Falciparum, Vivax and Malaria
Where do the malaria sporozoites go 1st? They go to liver and reproduce via asexual reproduction called schizogeny
What is the liver malrai stage alled? It is asymptomatic and results in daughter protozoa called merozoites
Where do the merozoites in liver go after they are ruptured? They invade the RBCs and asexually reproduce
What is malria stained with? Giemsa, Wrights and Romankasky dyes
What color is the cytoplams and nucleus of malaira Cyto-blue nucleus red
What fruit does malaria look like in thick and thin film? Banana
What kind of fever does falciparum have? Contiunous, irregular spikes
What kind of fever does vivax have? 48 hrs, tertian malaria
What kind of fever does ovale have? 48 hrs, tertian
What kind of fever does malariae have? Quarten
What are the most common symptoms of malaria? Fevers and chills, headaches, myalgias, nausea, vomitting, diarrhea, abdominal pain, weight loss, malaria fever
What cause the most severe malaria? P. Falciparum
How does the shape of p.vivax differ from p.falciparum? vivax has more of an amoiboid shape
What are teh schuffners dots related to? These are small dots in the cytoplasm
Why does P vivax require primaquine for treatment? It establishes hypnozoites in the liver
Which is the malaria outside of africa? P. Ovale
Who are most susceptible to toxo? Pregnant women and immuno
How do you get get toxo? Ingestion of bradyzoites in infected meat, from oocyte contaminated unwashed vegetables or pussy cats
Are toxoplasma ooctyes immediately infecious? No
Whats the risk for maternal fetal transmission in toxo? 25% in 1st trimester, 65% in 3rd
What severe fetal disease may the baby get in toxo? Hydrocephales, mental retardation, erebral calcifications
How do you look for toxo? brain
What are teh ways to diagnose toxo? 1)Serological 2)Direct identification of blood 3)PBS
What are teh clinical manifestations? 1)Asymptomatic adenopathy 2)Mono like 3)Chorioretinitis 4)Encephalitis 5)Myocarditis 6)PCP like
At what CD4 count do you see PCP? <200
What are teh classic findings of PCP? Nonproductive cough, dyspnea, fever
What does PCP look like on CXR? Diffuse bilateral
Do you use thick or thin film? Thick for yes/no, thin for diagnosing.
Created by: villagejoker