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Chapter 6 Phoenician


Because of trade the Phoenicians were able to explore, control the Mediterranean trade, and spread_____ ________. their culture
Phoenician means______________ ______________. purple merchants
Carthage is located in present-day ____________. Tunisia
The Canaanite writing system used ____________symbols. 22
The land of Canaan is now the modern day countries of ________ and ___________. Lebanon, Israel
The Phoenician learned to navigate their ships using the ________ and the _________. sun, stars
_________ is the Phoenician god that legend says made the purple dye. Melqart
_________ is said to be the legendary founder of Carthage. Dido
__________________ were originally nomadic herders. Canaanites
__________ is the name of the princess, legend says the purple dye was made for. Tyrus
________________ people came from an area near Greece and were originally traders and shipbuilders. Philistines
________ was a famous city-state because of the large amounts of papyrus it exported. Byblos
A legend states that __________ was founded by a Phoenician princess who fled there after having been defeated by her brother. Carthage
_____________ is Phoenician city-state later became the capital of Lebanon. Beirut
___________ city-state was a famous cloth-dyeing center. Tyre
Phoenicia is located on the eastern end of the ________________ Sea. Mediterranean
The __________________ was the most important contribution of the Phoenician civilization. alphabet
Peace treaties guaranteed Phoenician independence in exchange for _____________ _________________. free shipping
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