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TB facts

TB facts from lecture

What are the most important symptoms of TB? Cough w/ or w/out hemoptysis, fever, chills, night sweats, weight loss, poor appetitie
What are teh common sites of TB? Lungs, pleura, CNS, lymphatics, GU system, bones and joints , disseminated (miliary TB)
Is Latent TB contagious? What is treatment? No it isn't. Prophylaxis with isoniazid for 6-9months reduces risk of progression by 90%.
What are the disadv of TST? False +s due to cross rxsn with BCG, 2 patient visits, inter reader variability
What are the advantages of QFt? TB specific antigens, 1 patient visit, minimal inter reader variability
How many people develop TB if infected? 10%
What are the conditions that increase the risk of TB progression? HIV, recently acquired infection, DM, Silicosis, Corticosteriods + other immunosuppressive therapy, Cancer of head and neck, hematologic and reticuloendothelial diseases, end stage renal disease, History of malabspsorption syndromes
What is the contagiousness of TB? It is airborne, it depends on environment, duration of exposure, virulence of organism and infectiouness of person with TB
What are the side effects of isoniazid? Peripheral neuropathy, hepatitis, liver failure, sleepiness/lethargy
What are the side effects of Pyrazinamide? Joint pains, hepatitis, Rash
What are the side effects of Ethambutol? Optic neuritis, decreased red/green colour discrimination
What are the side effects of Rifampin? GI upset, orange discoloration of body secretions
How does Rifampin influence metabolism of other drugs? It upregulates p450 cytochrome,therefore it decreases drug levels
How do you get MDRTB? Acquired - noncompliance/inappropriate therapy Primary - Infected with a drug resistant strain
What are the genotyping techiniques used in NYC? RFLP and Spoligotyping
Created by: villagejoker