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HIV facts from lecture

How long does it take to go from HIV to AIDS? 9-10 years
If CD4 <400, What Infections do you get? 1)Oral thrush 2)Tinea Pedis 3) VZV Reactivation 4)TB Reactivation 5)Other bacterial infections (H.Influ, S. pneumoniae, Salmonella)
If CD4 <200, What infections do you get? 1)HSV Reactivation 2) cryptosporidoisis, 4)Isospora, 5)disseminated coccidioidomycosis, 6)PCP
If CD4 <100, What infections do you get? 1)Candida esophagitis, 2)toxoplasmosis, 3)histoplasmosis
If CD4 <50, What infections do you get? 1)CMV retinitis and esophagitis, 2)MAC, 3)Crytococcal Meningoencephalitis
What are the neoplasms associated with HIV? Kaposi's sarcoma (HHV-8), Invasive cervical carcinoma (HPV), Primary CNS lymphoma, non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma
At what CD4 level do you get cryptosporidiosis? CD4 <200
At what CD4 level do you get PCP? CD4 <200
At what CD4 level do you get MAC? CD4 <50
How do you get toxo? Ingestion of raw/undercooked meat with cysts; ingestion of oocysts(cats)
What are some of the symptoms of toxo? Altered mental status, seizures, focal neuro signs
Which is the most important virus in AIDS patients? CMV
What are some of the important sypmtoms of CMV? Retinitis (which is why you'd want to screen them), GI(esophagitis, colitis), CNS, pneumonitis
What is the most common malignancy in AIDS patients? Kaposis
Which 2 malignancies occur at a variety of CD4s? Kaposis and non-hodgkins
How do you prevent OIs? Prevent exposure, Screening tests, chemoprophylaxis, HAART
Should ART be started during treatment of OI or until OI treatment is completed? During treatment obviously. However note that the IRIS rates increased with early treatment.
Explain the train analogy of HIV? Viral load means the speed. The CD4+ markates distance, since t=d/v, since v is high, therefore you'll reach aids in a much shorter time.
What are the goals of HIV therapy? 1)Suppress HIV RNA level 2)Preserve/enhance immune fxn 3)delay progression of HIV disease
Would you want to start early or late? Early of course
Name each class of HIV drugs? Nucleosides/Non-nucleoside reverse 1)transcriptase inhibitor, 2)fusion inhibitor, 3)chemokine receptor antagonist, 4)protein inhibitor, 5)integrase inhibitor
How many drugs do you want to give HIV patients? 3 drugs
What are the recommended regimens for HIV? 1) 2 nucs + NNRTI 2) 2 nucs +PI (+/- RTV)
Created by: villagejoker