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AIDS I lecture facts

T/F Data on Aids less reliable than HIV? False. I
T/F Women don't account for many of the Aids cases False.
T/F Epidemic in the south with a large rural compenent True.
Which HIV subtype is most common in the USA? Type B
What is the standard algorithim for HIV testing? Elisa, elisa, Western blot
What does Elisa test for? Tests for IgG antibody (HIV antibody)
Who should get tested? 250,000 HIV+ people in USA.
Should I give a consent form for patient to sign to test for HIV? NO
T/F Delivery of a child to HIV-infected infected mother not on ARTs a great risk factor? True
What are the HIV transmission routes? Sex, drugs (10%), blood (90%), perinatal (25% per birth), Needlestick
What are some of the factors affecting sex transmission? Prevalence of disease locally, Host susceptibility, Infectiousness, Sexual behaviour
What are the role of STDS in transmitting HIV? 1)Ulcers facilitate viral entry 2)Increase traget cells for HIV to infect 3) Increased viremia 4)Aggressive treatment of STDS may decrease HIV transmission
What are the risk factors for perinatal transmission? Advanced stage, viral load, Vit A deficeincy, chorioamniotitis, premature rupture of membranes, maternal anemia
Can HIV be transmitted via breast milk? Yes. And through C section.
Created by: villagejoker